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Saturday, January 3, 2009

you don't have to live like a refugee

transitional periods suck.

of course it also sucks that i'm so averse to transition, as my life since graduating high school has been one long series of transitional periods. mostly it's the moving from place to place that bothers me. especially seeing as i always seem to live up at least two flights of stairs.

i'm on the cusp of yet another move, though, and this time i'm determined to settle down. i tend to live like a refugee even if i've signed a one-year lease. i don't paint, don't put up shelves, don't really do anything that requires actual time and money - i'll slap up some christmas lights and the MTA subway map as decor and call it a day. but this time will be different. it has to be, considering the place is so small that if i leave it looking the way it does, it will be stifling. impeccable color choices are this apartment's only hope. i shall put down roots or go broke trying.

so anyway right now i'm living out a of a suitcase again. most of my stuff is at my dad's house in connecticut. i have two more work days in my current location, then i'm headed off to reunite with my worldly possessions. and then if all goes as planned, back to the city. i'm no closer to finding a job. this blog is the only step i've taken towards starting my career. so far... 2009 is looking delicious.