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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

first of all:

vote for me y'all.

it's that time of year again. the home stretch of the school year. i haven't really been in this headspace since high school and let me tell you it is killing me. two weeks left and suddenly every teacher decides to pile on the essays and projects and tests - not even counting finals - right when my motivation is at its absolute lowest and the thought of continuing to wake up and drive the thirty minutes to school is right up there next to chugging downy.

but it's also that time of year when i get to wander barefoot in the forest. so. that's nice.

i find myself unemployed, which is no funsies. the restaurant finally closed and i'm at loose ends. i've applied for a bunch of jobs, but even if one did call me i'd only be there for two months before i'm off to camp... so i'm leaning more towards trying to find a way to make little amounts of money here and there until july. thus far i have come up with the following.

pet psychic
sell things on ebay
sell things at pawn shops
have a tag sale
have a bake sale
lemonade stand
topless lemonade stand
topless tag sale
topless pet psychic
ask one million people for one dollar each
rob a bank

one or the other is bound to pan out.

also this:

webster hall 4/22. delightful show.