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Monday, June 14, 2010

but who will watch my tv?

Moon Theory from Miami Horror on Vimeo.

sigh. hell with this. i'ma run off to the desert. barter my way into possession of a horse. survive off the land. trip on the local flora. ultimately come into a greater understanding of myself.

life as a nomad sounds totally okay to me. if the world ends in two years, i like to think i'll be one of the ones who looks around at the post-apocalyptic wasteland that was society, shrugs, and goes "ok. at least now there's room for creativity and a clear path to improvement." i'll throw the bare essentials in a backpack, maybe find a couple like-minded companions and a large, aggressive dog, and take to the open road. the thought of the world as we know it ending used to terrify me, but now i really feel like i could go either way. i just hope there's still blue sky and green grass and whatnot. the only part of the traditional doomsday survival scenario that i couldn't get down with is the oppressive color pallet.

all i really want is adventure. doesn't everyone pretty much? we must, since adventure sells so well. escapism. we wanna be pirates. we wanna save middle earth. etc etc etc. but most of us don't get to do that stuff. we just watch videos about other people doing it. but if armageddon happens... i mean, whatever else, we all get to be adventurers.

i for one will not complain. i for one will make the most of it. i just hope the people i like survive too.