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Monday, March 1, 2010

and they said nothing, could get a girl transferred

ok a couple things.

number one:

this is what i remember about the neverending story as a kid:

1. falcor scared the SHIT out of me
2. the Nothing scared the SHIT out of me and i didn't even remember what it was, just the name. "the nothing." for a little girl with a crazy imagination, that is enough.

i finally watched the neverending story again the other night. and after viewing it as a 'young adult,' i can draw only one logical conclusion: i never made it all the way through the neverending story as a kid, because if i had, it would have disturbed me for life.

here's the thing. i believe that kids are tripping. all the time. if you've taken acid, think back to what that was like, and then think back to your perception of the world as a lil tyke. they are the same. the younger the child, the harder he/she is trippin' balllllzzzz.

i mean look at childrens' television. look at the toys that fascinate babies and toddlers. look at how teeny tots react to things like bright swirly colors and patterns, or people making goofy faces at them. personally, i recall being absolutely in love with the sight of city lights as viewed from a highway at night. i still enjoy the sight, but when i was little it used to just drive me wild. i ate that shit UP.

so my point is this. you wouldn't wanna watch the neverending story on acid. and i wouldn't wanna show the neverending story to a small child. because those puppets are just so unnerving. and for chrissakes the horse drowns in a swamp.

numba 2:

i like ke$ha better knowing she was an awkward, chunky middle schooler who listened to radiohead.


Susan said...

1. never ending story: i never made it all the way through either.

2. we were ALL chunky, awkward middle school students, either in our heads or in reality.

紫勳 said...
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