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Saturday, February 27, 2010

i think i dreamed about snood a couple times back then.

i just downloaded snood for my mac. remember snood?


really takes me back, man. like back to when the interwebs were all shiny and new and exciting, and people went in "chatrooms" a lot because the novelty of being able to connect with strangers from around the world hadn't worn off yet.

(of course now we have chatroulette makin it shiny and new once more, which is nice for the time being. i wonder how long it will take before chatroulette devolves into a medium that is purely about cybering and absolutely nothing else, ala chatrooms.)

haven't played snood since the whole fam was sharing one single, long-suffering PC that lived in a high-traffic area in between the kitchen and living room. oh the memories. i burned my first mix CD on that computer. we had napster. my bro and i were like, this changes everything. such promise in the air. and then we'd all take turns playing snood and trying to beat each other's high scores.

quality family bonding circa 2001. a simpler time.

this is also a snood tho-

which is weird because i totally had one of those around the same era. for horse shows. clearly i rode english. only in english horseback riding would they require you to wear a hair accessory that pompous which also happens to be called a "snood." i felt pretty baller in mine, no lie.

snood the game totally holds up, let me just say. it is old school free demo fun to be sure.


Susan said...

I remember both snoods. Then there was the drama of the horse game sites. Oy.

The Bug said...

I had a snood back in the 80s - before your time young lady :) But my hair wasn't really long enough for it - made me sad. I never played the computer game, but I'd probably like it.